Simplicity Embed™ Widget Example

This project is used to demonstrate communication between a widget/app, the Simplicity Embed web component and the page hosting the component. It is only intended to demonstrate concepts.

Download Simplicity Embed™ widget example

After you download and unzip the project, run Live Server (or dev server of your choice) on the index.html page.

Note: when you run the widget in your dev server, make note of the port it is running on (e.g., localhost:5501). When you set up the configuration file in the Simplicity Embed™ demo you will need to reference that specific URL in the widgetUrl property.

Asset Pack for Simplicity Builder™

If you use Simplicity Builder™ via an NPM install, the asset pack will be available in the following folder:

Copy the entire 'assets' folder into your project source area. You will need to reference the location in the configuration file.

If you are building a project using Vanilla Javascript and you need to download the assset pack separately, you can do so below. It is a zip file that you can unpack into a folder of your choice in your project.

Download Simplicity Builder™ asset pack